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November 27, 2022
feeling good

The news editor line "if it bleeds, it leads" has been common in newsrooms for decades — the most traumatic, negative story would be the lead story in print and would lead the newscast on TV. Why? Violence and suffering attract more eyeballs then a Boy Scout helping an elderly lady cross the street or a fireman saving a cat stuck in a tree.

Negativity catches our attention. Unfortunately, this causes the media to devote the majority of its attention on the negative aspects of the world. And more unfortunate still this causes the average person to view the world as a more dangerous, unfair, and depressing place than it really is.

Enough of that. Here at A Smiling World we intend to provide a counterbalance to the world is a horrible place mantra expressed by mainstream media. So, take a break from the negative and join us in reading about, and celebrating, the many interesting, positive, and uplifting events that take place daily in the United States and throughout the world.