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  • Tue. Dec 5th, 2023


Tired of all the negativity that bombards you from cable and internet news sites? So are we! That’s why we started A Smiling World β€” to create a refuge from the over-emphasis on the bad in this world and help to restore faith that life on this planet is actually a good and wonderful thing! Every day brings stories β€” big and small β€” that make people feel good. Like this little tale!

This Golden Labrador Just Keeps on Giving

Stumpy (above) is a handsome Labrador who was destined for a career as a guide dog. Sadly, problems with a deformed leg meant it wasn’t to be. But then Stumpy found a new way to help others: by giving blood. The nine-year-old Labrador has saved more than 100 canine lives since the age of one by donating blood for emergency transfusions.

golden lab keeps giving

Stumpy has been crowned the United Kingdom’s most prolific blood-donor dog. He has a negative blood type which is especially valuable because it allows his blood to be given to any dog. Stumpy’s owner, vet Elly Pittaway, says: “Stumpy obviously has no idea what he’s doing it for, but if he did, I’m sure he’d be very proud of himself.