’Thank You’

Where do I start? So many people to acknowledge who have helped me to make my 250km journey to Santiago possible.

‘Travel Play Live’ for not only choosing us as a recipient of a women’s adventure grant, and believing in our ability but for all the amazing work they do supporting and promoting women achieving incredible milestones through adventure pursuits.


The lovely Claudia for taking care of my most prized possession ‘Charlie’ while I’m away.

My PT Clinton for helping me to build stamina and strength to cope with those never ending hills, the sweat was well worth it!

The amazing Portuguese and Spanish locals for their kindness and warmth whether it was a push up the hill, free food, coffee, fixing my puncture, a wave, a smile, bib of the car, a chat, a photo or sharing our story in the newspaper, your kind gestures brought encouragement and joy to each day.

All the people around the world that we have never met who sent messages, shook our hand, or congratulated us, I am humbled by your sincerity and kind words and they will always be remembered.

My colleagues, thank you for your messages and thoughts along the way, however am I going to return to the office !

My friends, your constant flow of messages of support, love and encouragement were invaluable to reaching Santiago, you’ll never know just how much, you never doubted me on this journey thank you endlessly.

For every pilgrim we crossed paths with, your company, smiles, support, belief, push up the hill, towing over rocky paths, shared drinks, dinners and stories, for not judging but admiring our ability made all the most precious moments of this incredible journey – you are the essence of the camino and will be missed but always remembered. Buen Camino always👣.

Helen, navigator, yellow arrow spotter, my chemist and life saver – this amazing woman who I am so proud of, only 3yrs In a wheelchair and took on this incredible adventure without flinching, and with very little knowledge of what you were in for. I never doubted you for a second, thank you for not doubting me. Your guts, resilience courage and fearless attitude are to be admired by all who cross your path. The world truly is your oyster and waiting for you to conquer more amazing feats.

My family – your unconditional love and faith in me is what fuels my determination and desire and gives me courage to take on these crazy adventures. You never doubt that I will achieve what I set out to do. My mum and dad, you pushed me up every hill and every kilometer i didn’t think I could do, or wanted to do – however tough this was for me, this year has been even tougher for you. You amaze me every single day, I love you for allowing me to spread my wings without judgement or fear and allowing me to be me.

For me – I am so in awe of what the human body and mind can achieve, each day was a complete test of endurance, courage and mental toughness that squeezed out every last bit of all of those things. You never know what is possible until you allow yourself to present in a raw form with only absolute necessities on your back and oblivious to what lies ahead. It’s being out of your comfort zone that provides the most challenging yet rewarding feeling anyone can ever experience.

I will take the Camino spirit home with me once again and keep it and all it provides in my heart.

My gratitude is endless and I am so touched by so much love and support I have in my life. Truly the luckiest person on the planet ❤️


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  1. Jackie says:

    We were privileged to meet you both and enjoyed every moment with you.

    We salute you Lisa & Helen you never know we may meet again one day.

    God Bless you both xxo

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