Day 13 – O Farramello to Santiago 12 km – we made it!!

Helen: The last day! Mostly uphill…

We left our hostel on dark and pushed from the village of O Faramello back up to the main road. It was absolutely pouring with rain, so we decided to make use of the conveniently located coffee shop for a breakfast cuppa while it got light and the rain eased. It didn’t, so we took to the road knowing that at least it wasn’t too far in the rain (the rest of the trip had been fabulous after all).

So we began climbing, passing through various villages. This time, no crazy cyclists stopped to take photos, it was too wet.

About 5km from Santiago I got a flat tire. We pulled into a nearby petrol station to quickly take shelter and pump it up. We pushed on, hoping that the puncture was slow enough that it would hold.

On the outskirts of Santiago, we left the main road and took a smaller back street directly north to the cathedral. We rejoined the official Portuguese way at the 2km mark and pushed onwards, weaving through the narrow cobblestone backstreets to the central square.

At exactly midday, we made it to the cathedral with the bells chiming. Despite the rain, the square was still packed with pilgrims, glad to have arrived.

For me, it hasn’t really sunk in yet what we’ve achieved. Over 250km of pushing. The most amazing bit being that we didnt have any major mechanical or shoulder issues.

Since arriving, we’ve bumped into so many pilgrims we met on the track purely by chance. We’ve enjoyed catching up with people and having a drink. I think it will take a while for this to all sink in.

I’d definitely like to come back for another Camino !

Lisa: Left cell block H and climbed a hill to the road in the pouring of rain, stopped for a quick cuppa and waited for light before hitting the road to Santiago. A gradual climb for the next few km’s, much more traffic and people the closer we get to Santiago. Helen got a flat tyre 5km our from Santiago but managed to stop into a garage to pump it up and it did make it to Santiago.

We finally arrived at Santiago cathedral Some 13 days and over 250km later at 12pm with the church bells chiming and completely soaking wet. Absolutely ecstatic to be here but not too much celebration yet as we needed to get out of our wet clothes and have a hot shower. We had a quick photo shoot in front of the cathedral before heading to our hotel. Complete luxury, a room each, big clean bed and hot shower!

We had a rest then headed out for some food, but first stop pilgrims office to claim our Compostela certificate, a very proud moment 💫

We then ran into some pilgrims we’d met along the way which was really special- finally got to have paella and sangria, we talked and laughed about Camino stories for the rest of the evening.

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