Day 12 – Caldas de Reis to O Faramello 25km

Lisa: ‘Twas the night before Santiago’

We left our very lonely empty hostel and stopped for breakfast at the first cafe before leaving the town. To our surprise a lovely man came up to us and pointed us out in the Galicia Times newspaper,

We laughed our heads off, famous at last ! We set off on the road on a long steady climb towards Padron. On route a van pulled over with a little crazy man in a cycling outfit and good-looking offsider got out and wanted to have a photo with us and give us a kiss (the little crazy man not good looking one 😩)

We powered on to Padron where we had a lovely lunch at O Alpendre. It was too early in the day to stop so we kept on going until we ran out of puff another 5km up the road.

Decided on the better of 2 not so good hostels Albergue de Peregrinos de Teo. There was a room on ground floor with a bunk bed so I bagsed the bottom bunk 😂 not really we took the top mattress and put it in the floor where I am sleeping for the night. The room is all concrete with a small window a bit like cell block H, looking forward to leaving here tomorrow already !

Traveling on the road the last few days has been quite grueling as there’s not much interaction with pilgrims and quite stressful with the traffic flying by and often very little space at the side of the road, but this is the doable way for us. After the last 11 days of hoping we would get to Santiago and I can now truly say we will get to Santiago, it’s quite a surreal feeling and the magnitude of what we have done has definitely not yet sunk in.

Helen has been the best Captain Cook navigating us from Porto to Santiago, and had a keen eye spotting the yellow arrows, I don’t know where I would have ended up without her!!

Went to the local cafe for dinner sat around chatting and laughing with some pilgrims, Spanish and German, the last supper before Santiago.

Cannot wait to see the cathedral tomorrow and a nice hotel well deserved 🙏🏻

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