Day 11 – Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis 22km

Helen: A long and hot day on the road.

We started on twilight again and headed into the main part of the city to a beautiful church. We then turned north and began following the main road out of Pontevedra. For us, today was a road bash to dodge some of the forest trails that we predicted would be impassable by chair.

It was slow going. And hot! After an hours of pushing uphill we stopped for a coffee break, realising how little distance we’d made and how far we still had to go! Not only was the weather hot but being on the road was exhausting too, so it was a mentally and physically draining day.

The road continued to give us hills. For every little downwards run we got we had a long slog uphill. The most enormous uphill was before our lunch stop in Porrans, where we had to take many rest stops along the way.

After a welcome lunch break of cheese bread and ham we took to the road again, this time making better pace due to fewer hills. We arrived in Caldas de Reis mid afternoon and found beds at Albergue Timonel (no steps).

Lisa got a puncture, which we managed to solve due to a local bike store nearby (freewheel tires are a annoying to change – you literally have to completely take off the whole wheel, not easy when it’s not a quick release system!).

We celebrated with beers! Fingers crossed for no more mechanical issues between here and Santiago.

Lisa: Made our way out of Pontevedra passing a beautiful church and mad German pilgrim along the way.

Got on the main road to Caldas de Rais, very busy road all day which makes it very stressful when you pushing in the lay by with not much room for error. Started out a decent steady climb for approx 5km, stopped for quick refreshment and continued on. Turned out to be very hot sunny day, so quite a hard slog on the road, some relief on the downhill but plenty of up hill to wear us out.

Stopped for lunch before the last few Km’s into Caldas de Rais, found the Hostel by the river and called it a day. At which point I noticed my freewheel was flat…. bummer !! We attempted to change the tube ourselves, alas it didn’t happen, plan b – we found a bike shop in town and the kind mechanic fixed it for me even though it’s got a rattle it didn’t have before, very grateful though as this is part of my legs so it must work! let’s just hope it gets me through the next 2 days to Santiago. 🙏🏻

We celebrated with beer of course. Not much interaction with anyone today, our hostel is empty so a very quiet night 💤

Ended the day with lovely dinner that just hit the spot.

Less than 50km to go !!!

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