Day 10 – Arcade to Pontevedra 13km

Helen: You know how we said yesterday there were hills? That was nothing compared to today! It also wasn’t forecast to rain until later tonight… Hmm.

We left our hostel as twilight began and followed the Camino trail wearing headtorches down to a river crossing.

We then began climbing up up up and up following a minor farm trail that bypassed the rougher forest terrain of the main Camino trail. And most of the elevation climb, we hoped.

But our hills just didn’t stop. As sure as anything, if we got a minor descent, we paid for it dearly with an even steeper uphill around the next corner. It was probably a solid two hours worth of uphill pushing.

When we finally got to the downhill run we were both completely stuffed! And that’s when the rain hit, making our descent really challenging as everything becomes really slippery so breaking gets harder and harder.

We ended the downhill run in Vilaboa where we found the amazing Panaderia Figueirido bakery. The beautiful owners welcomed our drenched selves and served us with the best croissant of the trip so far and delicious coffee.

The rest of the day was a relatively smooth trip into Potevedra – feeling glad to be out of the rain!


My last bit of energy goes to this blog. After an initial downhill to the river, it then became the most insane climb to the top of this big hill/mountain whatever, it just went on and on throwing everything at us including rain. I swore at it and cursed it and begged it to stop but it kept going, nearly 3hrs later finally reaching the top in the rain. No relief just yet as going down a steep windy, wet road safely was not going to be easy, and very scary but we made it to the bottom safely thankfully.

A relief to be on a main road but completely starving and desperately trying to find something to eat we passed a house which looked like a bakery out front. It ended up that part of it was a family run wholesale bakery. The lady very kindly made us coffee and gave us a croissant and bread for nothing, we were so completely grateful as we so needed it. These kind gestures have become so much part of our Camino, that when I sometimes question why I am here like today I think of these moments and remember why.

We had a nice easy run on the main road into Pontevedra with a southerly pushing us along where we found a hostel which worked for us and couldn’t wait to strip off our wet clothes. I think this is the biggest hostel we’ve stayed in so far there are so many more pilgrims around as we approach our final days, and t’s been really nice bumping into a few familiar faces today,

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this exhausted😴

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