Day 9 – Vigo to Arcade 23 km

Helen: A day of hills!

Last night we had a significant dump of rain, and we woke up to an overcast and drizzly Vigo. After breakfast in the hostel, we followed the instructions given to us by the hostel on how to get back onto the Camino track… It involved our first big down hill and then a slow climb up to a pedestrian area where the signage was excellent from there out of Vigo.

After the main climb out of Vigo on backstreets, We got onto an excellent forest track that contoured around the major hill between Vigo and Redondella. It was generally good going, but a big soggy and slugy in patches. The rain picked up a little on the track so we were glad to make it to the main road again and descend into redondella. It was so steep in sections we had to weave back and forth to slow down.

We stopped in a local cafe for a welcome lunch before continuing our climb out of town. We knew we’d been lucky earlier in the day with forest tracks so we continued along the main Camino way… Until we got completely bogged in a muddy farm track that was still being built. Fortunately, two pilgrims appeared just in time to give us a push through the worst of it.

After that we stuck to the main road and rejoined the Camino just out of Arcade. Tonight we are staying in the Albergue run by hotel Duarte.

Lisa: A bit of a sleep in this morning as it poured through the night. A very slow steady climb out of Vigo up and up. Got on to the Camino trail, lovely views up high, mostly unsealed path, a bit wet and sticky from the rain. Found a cafe in Rondendela to fuel up and carried on up more bloody hills out of town back onto the track.

We went through some beautiful green forestry filled with our Aussie Eucalyptus trees.

There are now lots more pilgrims around who are starting at the 100km mark in Vigo. We ended up finding one of those mud tracks which was seriously hard, lucky for us 2 German pilgrims came to our rescue and pushed us through the mud. And Helen found the dog poo we’ve been dodging since Porto 😂

We get back on the main road to Arcade where we find a very welcome bed. It’s been a very challenging day all in all for one reason and another, looking forward to my bed now. Getting closer to Santiago, should be there for Monday, very much looking forward to it !!

An amazing 79yr old aussie lady doing her 2nd Camino this year !!

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