Day 8 – Baiona to Vigo 26km

Feeling pretty stiff and sore today – seems like the body shut down after our rest day yesterday.

We followed the coast around from Baiona to A Ramallosa, stopping at the first place we found open for a quick coffee on the beachfront.

We then spent the rest of the morning following the coastline north, picking up great cycle pathway in most parts. The only bit where this failed epically was when the track ended abruptly in a beach walk, so we had to backtrack and head uphill to the main road. Thankfully a few friendly locals were able to give us a hand up the really steep sections.

Roughly 6km out of Vigo we turned inland and followed the Rego Lagares river inland. We’d been told that this was a good way to avoid the really steep parts of Vigo, leading us up to the main Albergue.

The climb up from the river was ridiculously long and ridiculously steep given that it was the end of the day. We made in one piece to Kaps hostel. Looking forward to a rest!


We left the hostel before light and followed the coast for some time, we’ve been very lucky to have some great intel from the locals on which track/ road we need to follow which is very helpful. Feeling very sluggish and rather smashed wondering what today would bring. We stopped for quick coffee and continued following more stunning coastline.

The track ended up leading us to the beach so double backed and started heading up the seriously steep streets to to the road, then a local named Pedro started pushing us up the hill taking turns, he then gets me to the top huffing and puffing his heart out, there were some tradies at the top so Pedro ask them for a hand to get Helen up the top. The locals have been amazing, we are so truly blessed and grateful for their kindness, our shoulders get to live another day!

We stop for lunch then head towards the river which wasn’t very nice into the city of Vigo. On route to the hostel which was as usual at the top of the hill, this was a very nasty steep 80mtr climb, a killer at the end of the day and almost brings you to tears. But, we get there finally. A big modern hostel typical of what you would find in a city and expensive. Spain is significantly more expensive than Portugal but the beer and port is good. We bumped into Irish and Canadian pilgrims who we met on the 2nd day and had drinks with them which was nice as pilgrims are quite scarce, always love to listen to Camiño stories they remind me of why I’m here. After our spag bol and port is time for 💤 were going to get our first rainy day tomorrow so will be a slow start in the morning.

More than half way now, 100km to go 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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