Day 5 – Correco to A Guarda 14km

Helen:Today was intended to be a rest day, where we took a leisurely ferry ride across the boarder into Spain.

The reality was that we took the train to the ferry, but got off a stop late. So we found ourselves pushing back to Caminha from Lanhelas, an extra 6km on our rest day (and some interesting negotiations with train track crossings).

We arrived mid morning in Caminha, had time for a quick coffee break at the Ferry terminal (no steps) and caught the 11am ferry across the boarder into Spain.

We took a quick look at the very hilly Camino de Costa route and chose the Littoral coastal track. It started out well, contouring the water edge but turned into a sandy bike track. We ducked inland into the road before joining the path again at A Praia, where it was beautiful boardwalk right into A Guarda.

The final part of our rest day was a serious uphill to Albergue de Peregrinas (ramp inside, showers and bathrooms on same level). Looking forward to a restful afternoon and dinner without hills!

After note : we had dinner at Bocateria Marbella Pizzaria, no steps, bathroom on same floor.

Lisa: ‘Trains, Ferries, Wheels’

A slow start to the day, we decided to have a rest day so took the train to catch the ferry across the border to Spain – very interesting ramp into the train, however the train man forgot to offload us at our stop so we ended up having to push 6km back to the ferry which included crossing over the train track with the help of a kind Irish pilgrim who turned up just as we needed a hand.

We chose the coastal path to get to A Guarda where we would be staying the night, the track eventually turned out to be another great boardwalk and stunning coastline, very bloody windy though ! Saw some local pigs and piglets and a beautiful horse hanging out on route. A very cute colorful town with the hostel at the top of the hill of course, had to wait couple of hours for someone to open it up, very primitive indeed, but it’s a bed😴😴 Not such a restful day after all, very grumpy pants 😠

Thank you Portugal you have been amazing, such kind, helpful beautiful people.

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