Day 2 Vila Chã to Fão – 29km

Helen: We both had an early night and got up early enough to hit the the track just as twilight was beginning. Walking along the coast we were treated to an exception array of colours as the sun rose.

From Vila Cha to Vila do Conde was mostly boardwalk, so we made excellent timing with only a couple of sandy sections to navigate.

After a quick coffee break, we kept going to A Ver o Mar where we stopped for lunch. The days have been getting really hot during the middle so a break is welcome.

In the afternoon we had ambitions of finding a place to stay by mid afternoon, but that didn’t happen! North of our lunch break, the track became increasingly rural passing through farm land.

The last 1km into Fao proved the hardest of anything we’ve encountered with long stretches of soft sand. We pulled into Hostel Ofir, glad to find a bed, similar to several other pilgrims.

Feeling very glad to have arrived in one piece – looking forward to a shower and dinner!

Lisa: Hit the road at dawn, great boardwalks following the beach that go on and on for a huge chunk of the day, stunning scenery to admire. Stopped for some stuffed crab for lunch, not long after that the dreaded cobblestones appeared mixed with tough sandy tracks and not a pilgrim in sight 😩 why is it always the last few hours of the day when it gets really tough ?? Finally found a hostel at 5pm, phew. Mentally and physically exhausting day, is it really only day 2 😳

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