Day 1 – Porto to Vila Chã 15km

Helen: We left our accommodation first thing in the morning and headed up to the Cathedral of Porto, the official start of our trip. So early in fact, the sun had not even risen!

After a short metro ride we arrived at our actual starting point Matosinhos, where we picked up the coastal Camino trail.

The remainder of the day was spent negotiating boardwalks, cobblestones and a small amount of sand. Interestingly, the track is busy with lots of Pilgrams, and we were grateful to arrive at an Albergue in Vila Chã (no steps) early enough to get a bed (after getting slightly lost in a fishing village).

Tonight we enjoyed seafood for dinner once again and an early night in a dorm of 8 other pilgrims.

So far the track has been completely pushable or negotiable by taking a side street. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Lisa: Oh what a day, early start getting out of the city, caught the very wheelchair friendly metro to the coast. Finally on the the beautiful coastal track, plenty of pilgrims in tow and chatted with many. The boardwalks worked mostly a treat, only had to double back once coz of steps, ended up in the cobblestone backstreets…… get me off these cobblestones !!!!! We decide to find a bed in Vila Cha, had nice fish dinner and must go to bed now 😴😴😴😴

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