Exploring Namadgi NP

Helen: Namadgi is one of the easiest national parks to get to from Canberra. In less than an hour of driving you’re well into the park and there are a number of established campgrounds that you can easily car camp.

Last weekend I decided to escape the big (little) smoke of Canberra and explore Namadgi. It was essentially a scouting trip to find out what tracks and trails might be worth tackling on future bushwalking trips. I’m keen to return to do an overnighter.

I stayed at My Clear campground, the southern most campsite in the park and the smallest but arguably prettiest site. Large grassy areas made for some easy camping. The campsite also appeared to a number of roos that seemed to enjoy hanging out near my campfire.

I spent Saturday pottering along a fire trail that followed the boarder between ACT and NSW. On Sunday, I did a section of Settlers Track, a circuit that passes a number of historic huts.

Interestingly, despite Settler’s track not being an established fire trail, the ground was cleared enough that pushing along it wasn’t too bad. Slow going, but certainly doable, and I suspect the fact that my macropod friends were out in large numbers, they were actually helping keep the trail grass down, and thus making it an easier push for me.

I really enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful eucalyptus forests in this region. All in all, excellent training for some of the rougher conditions on the Camino.

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